Greetings, Menus, Messages And More

"You never get a second chance to make a good impression!"

Because it’s the first telephone contact with your customers, it’s important to greet them with specific menus, delivered by professional and pleasant voices with clear diction and no accents. It’s the voice signature of your company.

Example of Voicemail Message

With almost 25 years of expertise, Productions V.I.P. is qualified to evaluate your real needs and suggest all the possibilities that your telephone system has to offer.

Productions V.I.P. services include:

  • Consultation and evaluation of your needs;
  • Copywriting of your menus and greetings by our professionals;
  • Translating your texts;
  • Validating content with your telephone provider for proper integration into your system;
  • Voice choices, masculine or feminine, in French, English or other language;
  • Recording in a format required by your telephone system;
  • Archiving your files for a minimum of 12 months to allow for a rapid recuperation in case of a lost message or accidental deletion of a soundtrack.

Take advantage of our consulting services to develop the texts of your voicemail. Make your telephone system profitable… Call on the Productions V.I.P. professionals!

Day Greeting Message

Are customers who call greeted by your automated system? Since this is their first contact, it’s important that this greeting be professional and impeccable. Productions V.I.P. will help you prioritize the options in your system. Thanks to this advice, your menus will be well developed, allow efficient direction of your clients and free up your telephone lines.

Voice Mailbox

Obviously, we would suggest that each employee directly records his personal voicemail message in the most concise and precise way possible. However, for certain voice mailboxes, our professional narrators are preferable. A general bilingual message is surely more professional for customer service, sales department or the reception. Our copywriters will propose the appropriate texts.

Closing Message (nights, weekends, public holidays, vacations and more)

What do your clients hear when they call outside your business hours? Whether it it’s nights, weekends, holidays, or vacation time, your greeting message should give clear and complete information about your business hours, public holiday dates, emergency number and more. Productions V.I.P. will guide you during all the stages of this type of messaging.

Answering Machine / Voicemail For Call Answer

Are you a small or medium size enterprise and your telephone supplier (Bell, Videotron or another) offers a service so that you don’t lose a call when the lines are busy, away from the phone …or outside business hours? Let the professional narrators at Productions V.I.P. deliver your voicemail message in a professional way in French and/or English. It will make all the difference!

Queue Message

Do you have queues for your customer service or sales department? Another task to give to Productions V.I.P.! Our copywriters can propose appropriate and diversified texts and our narrators will take care of embellishing everything!

Hotel Wake-Up Call

Our narrators also lend their voices for wake-up calls and other types of pre-recordings for hotels. Talk to one of our professionals at Productions V.I.P. to find out more!

“Productions V.I.P., where we master how to say it!”